Schiavello Showroom Melbourne


Hecker Guthrie sought to bring an architectural sensibility to the interior by enhancing and building on the existing space with different shapes and forms in a contemporary context. Adding a solidity to the base of a very tall building, and using this to help define smaller more residentially scaled spaces within this showroom.

Contrasting this with layering in light fabrics that offer transparency and movement to the space. The theatre of the display is to entice people, with displays on different levels and planes, to create a landscape to explore.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

Schiavello 01
Schiavello 02
Schiavello 03
Schiavello 04
Schiavello 05
Schiavello 06
Schiavello 07
Schiavello 08
Schiavello 09