Roebert Residence


Originally of Edwardian style, with a recent renovation, the Roebert Residence was an opportunity to tie the two eras together, and curate a beautiful home for its new caretakers. With an obvious and dedicated passion for design, art and photography, it was key that the clients were taken on a journey to engage the best fitting people, attuned to their design sensitivities.

The brief was to celebrate the exciting period features and make the transition between the old and new seem seamless. Timeless and classic were driving forces behind all direction and decisions. A palette of ash blond timber, beige linen, tan leather was used throughout, accented by curated pieces in royal blue. Through a purposed fresh contemporary approach, layered with inviting and engaging moments with art and objects throughout, this residence is a beautifully storied space.

Photography by Derek Swalwell

Roebert Res 01
Roebert Res 01
Roebert Res 02
Roebert Res 05
Roebert Res 04