Armadale Residence


A true celebration of the Arts and Crafts movement, Armadale Residence is a nod to the existing, with an articulated look to a timeless future. Originally designed by prominent architect Walter Richmond Butler, the vision was to study the existing, the proposed expansion and their relationships with the garden. Light played an integral part in the planning, design and materiality, and was a conduit to opening these spaces.

The original design was configured with an inward-facing focus, almost ignoring beyond the built form. Tasked with the reconnection of building to site, at the core of the design was a sense of reconciliation of time, styles and function. The experience needed to read and flow as one journey, as a mirror to the lives of its occupants.

Through a controlled and minimal palette, using white as a base, the client’s unique collection of art, objects and furniture infuse personality into every facet of the space. The use of clean lines and monolithic stone gestures are contrasted against the traditional details of the home, complimentarily. Together with finely crafted black steel framed windows and doors, the replanned spaces not only link to the formal spaces, but create opportunities for light, connection and life to come together.

Photography by Marcel Aucar

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