The Alexandra


Personalisation and luxury were key drivers for the nuanced ambiance envisioned for the Alexandra, Cotham Road. A combination of warm timbers, natural stones and luxurious brass details are the cornerstone of each of these individual apartment experiences.

Commissioned artist Suzie Standford was tasked with creating something to enhance the entry to each of the suites. Taking inspiration from the neighbouring heritage garden, a collection of bronze-cast entry handles was designed. Each individual piece mimics a branch-type shape, with no two pieces being the same. Not only bringing a sense of the individual to the entry threshold, but also adding a textural engagement through detail. Combined with a sense of the exclusive, each of the apartments are dotted with a sense of the familiar.

The idea of the hearth and the warmth it embodies, is mixed with elements that make an apartment an acquainted and welcoming home. With no luxury spared, the philosophy of downsizing was seen more as an experience of up scaling, in terms of finishes and amenity. From finishes and appliances to custom joinery and stone basins, each space has its own uniqueness.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

Cotham Road 8
Cotham Road 5
Cotham Road 4
Cotham Road 9
Cotham Road 3
Cotham Road 7
Cotham Road 1
Cotham Road 2
Cotham Road 6