QIC Leasing Suite


A play on scale and proportion, QIC is a distinctly varied approach to what is essentially a functional co-working space, geared as a selling agent to potential commercial tenants. Deconstructing the traditional commercial office interior, the lines are intentionally blurred - between spaces, through softening edges, filtering light and the rethinking of how functionality is applied. The planning explored ways to divide spaces without creating dominating visual barriers, whilst still allowing for intimate settings to be created.

Throughout, a freestanding modular approach is employed with regard to joinery, allowing for a secondary sculptural landscape to be created. This is however, secondary to the bold form and geometries of the considered section of furniture and lighting. A palette of rich and warm neutrals is contrasted against the bold darker joinery elements. The selected textural pieces, together with the stone add another layer to the space.

Curated within a clean architectural shell, and with little attempt to create a solid and imposing sense of permanence, the way in which the motions within the space add personality to a somewhat typically mundane environment was also key for the design. Large overscale gestures balance out the other more conventional and streamlined elements, to ensure this sense of play is present for the gamut of experience within the spaces.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

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