Horse to Water


Reimagining the morning coffee experience, Horse to Water is envisioned as a space that takes the bustle out of the ‘am’ hustle. From the tiny shop front, to the limited internal space, the intent was to inject a sense of calm into its busy Bridge Road location.

The palette is purposely earthy in nature, and a series of warm muted colours and subtle textures fill the space. As a place of recharge, or to sit and plan, meet or prepare, there is a softened touch to this space in all its comprising elements. From the light oak timber chairs and built-in banquette seating, the artwork of Carlo Golin fits comfortably.

The joinery itself is an expression of its composition, simplistic in nature and critically detailed in its execution. Clad in bricks by Roberstons, the long linear prep and counter space, forms the threshold between the user and maker. Although coffee is known for being more complex than wine, through a light insertion to the existing building fabric, a quiet haven of calm sits unobtrusively.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

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