The Garden House Penthouse


A rich and opulent palette sees this Garden House Penthouse come together. Heavy textural blue velvet, warm and heavy drapery and thick linens are used to add layers to the space. Situated atop the Piccolo Development’s Garden House in Carlton, Melbourne, the unique connection to the adjacent Gardens and its landmark architecture is one of a kind.

Custom light wells demarcate the floor plate, creating moments of relief amongst the purposefully curated selection of furniture. There is a European feel to this penthouse, with its connection between the new built, uninterrupted sightlines and connections to historical architectural icons. Designed as a space to open to the air above, this penthouse is about embracing is geographical location and proudly boasting its vertical positioning.

Photography by Earl Carter

Garden Penthouse
Garden Penthouse4
Garden Penthouse5
Garden Penthouse3
Garden Penthouse2