Garden House


Designed with the idea of inside-out living, this multi-residential precinct with Icon Developments is about embracing the beauty of the Garden House. In all its elements, expression of craft, the extension of storage, the maximising of light and providing access to natural light throughout, this is a Sydney-based apartment dream.

A palette that references the garden and its comprising elements, there are several textural finishes mixed with warm neutrals and accented colours. A minimal and muted selection of tiles and extensive joinery is integrated with white-washed blond oak flooring, creating a nod to the coastal aesthetic. There are also references to the window box detail and an overall refreshing take on apartment living.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

Garden House 02
Garden House 03
Garden House 04
Garden House 05
Garden House 06
Garden House 07
Garden House 08
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Garden House 01