East is a contemporary wine bar and restaurant and is an amalgamation of beautifully presented contemporary Chinese food and an intricately crafted interior. Materiality and form are Chinese-inspired in the way of blackened steel tile inlaid tables on wheels, referencing traditional tea trolleys as well as jade handmade tiles, symbolising carved jewellery. Together with fine metal framework, these components wrap around bare concrete walls forming an aesthetically delicate bar structure while protecting its precious elements, much like a basket would its ceramic contents.

The compact venue provides a mixture of seating and bespoke elements such as over-scaled pendants floating softly above diners, authentic Chinese calendars and individual wall-mounted plant holders which add to the intimate dining experience. With vague nods to Chinese elements, our aim was to sidestep the traditional Chinese palette and in turn create a contemporary design that pushed the limits of a traditional Asian restaurant making sure our client’s values were aligned.  

Photography by Shannon McGrath

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